There are some states where consuming alcohol on the boat ramp is deemed illegal. So, try to avoid any drinking before or right after Kayaking. Also, it is best if you don’t drink any alcohol

during the Kayaking. Suppose you choose to keep it then really mild because you need to paddle and complete your trip.

If you don’t know much about Kayaking, take things slow, and the best would be to take one or two trips with the guide and take lessons. It may not seem so hard, but it is a pretty complicated activity for someone who doesn’t know much about it.

When you start kayaking for the first time, take things slow, take a stable kayak, and spend time learning how to do this and that. If you try to go for long stints without enough knowledge, you will struggle.

If you take your dog on the Kayak with you, make sure you check the weather, and it is calm and not so much windy. Dogs can get frightened in high wind or on rough water. Also, make sure you provide PFD to your dog too and give him enough space to sit comfortably for the joyride.

What you should never do is take any of your valuable items with you on the Kayaking, as they can drop to the river very quickly.

If you want to do Kayaking with your children or any kid – some things need to be considered. If they are over three years old, and how much they are comfortable with being on the water. Most importantly, make sure they already know how to swim, in both hot and cold water, cause in any unwanted situation they need to swim to the nearest shore.