While renting a kayak, the renting company will provide the Kayak and the paddles. You have to carry some other things with you when you are going on a kayak trip.

The first and foremost is the PFD. In some places, they give this inside the Kayak renting a package, in some areas you have to rent them separately. If you already have these, that is great but if you don’t, always rent or collect them, never do any kayaking without this personal floatation device.

You should always carry water or the drink of your choice – While Kayaking may not seem like a physically challenging activity, it takes out a fair amount of energy and sweat – therefore you need to stay hydrated.

You need to wear shoes that do not compromise when getting wet. Many people wear flip-flops or crocs, but they usually fall during fast movement – so tennis shoes or water shoes are the best options.

You should carry snacks for longer trips, a trash bag, so you don’t litter on the ocean or the beach, bug spray if you are kayaking in rivers alongside any forest.

It would be best if you carry a hat and sunglasses to protect you from the heating sun. Also, make sure you have dry clothes in your car or any safe place to finish Kayaking, and be in your dry clothes and be comfortable.

If you are a long runner – and always take relatively long trips on the Kayak, make sure you have the river’s mp along with the area. It will help you with directions and explore new sides and places of the river or lake.

Even if you forget these things, usually the kayaking places and the rental services have shops you can easily buy.