Kayaking is a great way to spend leisure time either alone or with friends and family, and after a long streak of work or busy time, it refreshes the mind and body. Though Kayaking is an excellent leisure activity and sport, buying a Kayak for occasional usage is not always a good purchase. For these matters, renting kayaks is the solution.

Renting A Kayak – What to check Before renting


The first thing you need to check before making a plan of Kayaking and renting a kayak is the weather. Weather plays an integral part in Kayaking, and while some enjoy Kayaking in moderately extreme weather, for most of the occasional paddlers this is not recommended.


The second thing you need to analyze thoroughly before renting is what type and size of Kayak you will need. Multiple kinds of Kayaks are suitable for numerous purposes; people count, water type, and many more.



What Type of Kayak Should You Rent?


If you are going to move solo, you should go for a solo kayak, and if you are going with more people, you should rent a tandem kayak.


If you paddle in a leisure mood in calm water, you should rent a recreational kayak. For rougher, more open water, and going for a more extended trip, you should go for a touring kayak. These kayaks usually have space for food and gear and better suitability for any unexpected weather.


If you are a newbie, and just starting to Kayaking or Kayaking with a newbie or nervous people, you should rent a sit-on-top kayak – they are stable for most situations.


You should check and decide on another thing – that is whether you want to have a skeg on your Kayak or a rudder. Most of the renting places will allow you to choose between a kayak with a skeg and one with a rudder – you will need to know which one offers what benefit.


The skeg helps with tracking and minimizing the effect of wind, waves, and current. A skeg can be adjusted to the fitting of the paddler.


On the other hand, a kayak with a rudder helps turn and keep the kayak stable while moving; therefore, much less pedal correction is needed.

Checking The Kayak Before Renting


When you have decided which Kayak you will rent and take on the ride, you need to check for some things on the Kayak. You don’t get false accusations of any damage that happened before you rented it for two reasons. And secondly, you need to be assured about the quality, build, and current condition of the Kayak. If you don’t check up the current state of the Kayak properly, it can put you in trouble in mid-water.


– You need to check for scratches and dents on the hull and the sides. There will always be minor scratches and smudges, but it will affect the performance and function of the Kayak if there are big dents.

– Check the skag or rudder, including the cables, they need to be any damage or issue-free.

– If it has some hatches, check if they open and close properly without any issue. If these hatches malfunction or stop opening or closing properly, they can let in water in the sea.

– Check the pedals; see if they are in good shape or not.


When you assess all the pre-existing damages, make sure you properly inform the people in the renting place, so they don’t hold you’re accountable for those.

Renting A Kayak – Things You Should Carry


While renting a kayak, the renting company will provide the Kayak and the paddles. You have to carry some other things with you when you are going on a kayak trip.


The first and foremost is the PFD. In some places, they give this inside the Kayak renting a package, in some areas you have to rent them separately. If you already have these, that is great but if you don’t, always rent or collect them, never do any kayaking without this personal floatation device.


You should always carry water or the drink of your choice – While Kayaking may not seem like a physically challenging activity, it takes out a fair amount of energy and sweat – therefore you need to stay hydrated.


You need to wear shoes that do not compromise when getting wet. Many people wear flip-flops or crocs, but they usually fall during fast movement – so tennis shoes or water shoes are the best options.


You should carry snacks for longer trips, a trash bag, so you don’t litter on the ocean or the beach, bug spray if you are kayaking in rivers alongside any forest.


It would be best if you carry a hat and sunglasses to protect you from the heating sun. Also, make sure you have dry clothes in your car or any safe place to finish Kayaking, and be in your dry clothes and be comfortable.


If you are a long runner – and always take relatively long trips on the Kayak, make sure you have the river’s mp along with the area. It will help you with directions and explore new sides and places of the river or lake.


Even if you forget these things, usually the kayaking places and the rental services have shops you can easily buy.



Renting Kayaks – Things You should be careful of

There are some states where consuming alcohol on the boat ramp is deemed illegal. So, try to avoid any drinking before or right after Kayaking. Also, it is best if you don’t drink any alcohol

during the Kayaking. Suppose you choose to keep it then really mild because you need to paddle and complete your trip.


If you don’t know much about Kayaking, take things slow, and the best would be to take one or two trips with the guide and take lessons. It may not seem so hard, but it is a pretty complicated activity for someone who doesn’t know much about it.


When you start kayaking for the first time, take things slow, take a stable kayak, and spend time learning how to do this and that. If you try to go for long stints without enough knowledge, you will struggle.


If you take your dog on the Kayak with you, make sure you check the weather, and it is calm and not so much windy. Dogs can get frightened in high wind or on rough water. Also, make sure you provide PFD to your dog too and give him enough space to sit comfortably for the joyride.


What you should never do is take any of your valuable items with you on the Kayaking, as they can drop to the river very quickly.



If you want to do Kayaking with your children or any kid – some things need to be considered. If they are over three years old, and how much they are comfortable with being on the water. Most importantly, make sure they already know how to swim, in both hot and cold water, cause in any unwanted situation they need to swim to the nearest shore.

Rent Kayaks Near Me – Where To Rent Kayaks?


Depending on your state, city, and many other things, places you can rent kayaks from is uncountable. But, there are some types and some varieties of businesses that rent kayaks.


First of all, is the landscape. Some kayak tours or rentals are situated in riverside, some besides an open lake, some inside places like a mangrove forest. You need to know which landscape you want and about which type of water you want to ride on.


Then there are facility types. Some are Kayak touring companies that take several people and take them all on an adventure in their designated, safe route with guides. Then, some training companies will give you lessons about Kayaking and help you become better, especially if you want to take this as a sport rather than an activity.


Some companies are based in the riverside and will provide you with Kayak and all the necessary things, and then give you space. You can just rent the Kayak and be on your own, can get to a moderately long-distance trip by yourself or your friends and family.


When you are planning for Kayaking, always check up reviews of the company and the place. Watch people’s opinion about the area and see how much they have enjoyed their leisure time in the facility. You need to learn all you can about the place you will do Kayaking and the site you

will rent the Kayak to avoid any unwanted hassle and enjoy the maximum on the weekend or the vacation.


Kayaking is an enjoyable and pleasant experience and a beneficial activity for weekends or vacations. Whether you do it to spend quality leisure time with friends and family or as a sport or enjoy nature, you will have a great experience. Remember to follow the advice about Kayaking and choosing the place, Kayak and renting company, and paddle on.