If you are going to move solo, you should go for a solo kayak, and if you are going with more people, you should rent a tandem kayak.

If you paddle in a leisure mood in calm water, you should rent a recreational kayak. For rougher, more open water, and going for a more extended trip, you should go for a touring kayak. These kayaks usually have space for food and gear and better suitability for any unexpected weather.

If you are a newbie, and just starting to Kayaking or Kayaking with a newbie or nervous people, you should rent a sit-on-top kayak – they are stable for most situations.

You should check and decide on another thing – that is whether you want to have a skeg on your Kayak or a rudder. Most of the renting places will allow you to choose between a kayak with a skeg and one with a rudder – you will need to know which one offers what benefit.

The skeg helps with tracking and minimizing the effect of wind, waves, and current. A skeg can be adjusted to the fitting of the paddler.

On the other hand, a kayak with a rudder helps turn and keep the kayak stable while moving; therefore, much less pedal correction is needed.