When you have decided which Kayak you will rent and take on the ride, you need to check for some things on the Kayak. You don’t get false accusations of any damage that happened before you rented it for two reasons. And secondly, you need to be assured about the quality, build, and current condition of the Kayak. If you don’t check up the current state of the Kayak properly, it can put you in trouble in mid-water.

– You need to check for scratches and dents on the hull and the sides. There will always be minor scratches and smudges, but it will affect the performance and function of the Kayak if there are big dents.

– Check the skag or rudder, including the cables, they need to be any damage or issue-free.

– If it has some hatches, check if they open and close properly without any issue. If these hatches malfunction or stop opening or closing properly, they can let in water in the sea.

– Check the pedals; see if they are in good shape or not.

When you assess all the pre-existing damages, make sure you properly inform the people in the renting place, so they don’t hold you’re accountable for those.